Why Investing in Solid Gold Jewellery Outshines Gold Plated Alternatives

What makes solid gold jewellery more valuable than gold-plated jewellery?



When it comes to purchasing gold jewellery, it’s crucial to understand the key differences between solid gold and gold plated options. While both may exude a lustrous shine, gold jewellery offers unparalleled value and longevity. In this article, we will explore why buying solid gold jewellery is a superior choice over gold plated alternatives, comparing prices associated with highly promoted gold plated brands.

affordable solid gold jewellery uk brands mel mellis london
affordable solid gold jewellery uk brands mel mellis london

1. Prices


The high costs of marketing for very popular gold plated jewellery brands ultimately contribute to the steep prices of their products. As a result, customers may find themselves paying £75 for 18ct gold plated vermeil huggie hoop earrings, which is comparable to the prices of solid gold hoop earrings from less-promoted brands (a pair of 9ct gold huggie hoops costs £90 on our website) . This suggests that the perceived value and image associated with popular brands can often outweigh the actual material and craftsmanship of the product itself.


2. Authenticity and Durability:


One of the primary advantages of real gold jewellery is its authenticity and durability. Solid gold is composed of a mixture of gold and other alloys, ensuring a piece that will withstand the test of time. On the other hand, gold plated jewellery consists of a base metal coated with a thin layer of gold. Over time, this layer may wear off, revealing the inferior metal beneath. In contrast, gold jewellery retains its value and beauty for generations, making it a wise investment.

dainty solid gold jewellery necklaces mix and match style mel mellis blog
dainty solid gold jewellery necklaces mix and match style mel mellis blog

3. Value Retention:


Gold jewellery holds its value exceptionally well. Gold is a precious metal that has been coveted throughout history, making it a reliable asset. Unlike gold plated jewellery, which may lose its value due to wear and tear, solid gold retains its worth, and its value may even appreciate over time. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to invest in something that will not only adorn them but also serve as a valuable asset.


3. Recycling


Solid gold is recyclable and can be reused several times, making it a sustainable way to shop. The metal is recycled to the same exact quality standards as mined gold without losing its purity or value over time. For example, you can melt 2 pairs of already boring earrings into a new unique ring according to your design. Gold is a physical asset that holds its value reliably over time.


4. Prestige and Status:


Gold jewellery carries an inherent prestige and status due to its authenticity and enduring value. It is often associated with luxury, elegance, and timeless beauty. On the other hand, gold plated jewellery, despite its initial allure, lacks the same level of prestige and may be perceived as a cheaper alternative. Solid gold jewellery allows you to showcase your refined taste and appreciation for quality craftsmanship.



In conclusion, the decision to invest in affordable solid gold jewellery over gold plated alternatives is evident. Solid gold jewellery offers authenticity, durability, and a timeless appeal that surpasses the temporary allure of gold plated options. With its ability to retain value, cater to individual preferences, and exude prestige, solid gold jewellery remains a wise investment choice. So, when it comes to adorning yourself with the unparalleled beauty of gold, choose solid gold jewellery for an everlasting symbol of elegance and sophistication. By choosing pieces like basic earrings, dainty necklaces, stackable basic rings you can enjoy minimal cost per wear while adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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